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How do I attach this brake lever? [Pics inside]

I bought these new brakes and levers off eBay for an old racer that's parts were quite worn out and borderline dangerous.

I'm a complete bike newbie however and am stumped as to how these levers attach to the handlebars.

My thoughts so far are that I need another small piece to fit them to the handlebars but the item description said that they'd fit on "MOST STANDARD TOURER, TRADITIONAL, SHOPPER AND KIDS BIKES" making me think that I should have everything I need.

Here are pictures of the levers:
Here's the item's ebay page:

Any help would be very much appreciated.
First, make sure that the diameter of your handlebar tube is 7/8"

Put the clamp around the handlebar, then put a bolt and a nut (anything should fit)so it's clamped firmly...
you describe your bike as a racer, if it has dropped bars, then these levers are not suitable, you need something like these I found on Amazon UK.
I suggest you visit your LBS, who should be able to find some cheaper ones, or even second hand!

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