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Gear Changing
I had a puncture in my back wheel and had to remove to repair. Now that I have put it back the gears are not working properly. When I select the high gear and the chain is on the smallest sprocket it becomes unrideable as the pedals seize up.
Does anyone have any ideas how to fix this problem?
Thank you
Did you put the chain back on the same chain ring and cog/sprocket as when you removed it? Did you happen to change any of the gears when the wheel was removed? Is the chain correctly routed and seated around the jockey wheels on the rear derailleur?

If you didn't put the chain back on the same chain ring and/or cog you can look at your shifters to see what gears you are in and place the chain on the front and rear accordingly. For the front, the smaller chain ring is the gear marked 1. For the rear, the largest cog/sprocket is the gear marked 1. Just look to see where your gears are and count from there to make sure the chain is on correctly. Also check the routing through the derailleur and make sure the chain is seated on the jockey wheels correctly.
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Send a pic of the situation at the rear showing the rear mech and gears. Something did not go back right.
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