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My Schwinn Traveler...I am in Love :)
(12-14-2012, 09:08 PM)Giulianna23 Wrote:  I am tempted to get this but not sure if will fit properly...

No need for disc compatible on your Traveler:

This is less expensive and will work better for you:

Most of mine, I have made myself.
+1 to Nigels suggestion
There are two kinds of people in the world, "Those who help themselves to people, and those who help people!"
Thank you both for your help...Fenders and Rear Rack already ordered....hope to get them before Xmas but I doubt it.... I hope to have them installed before New Years though... I will try to do it myself.
If you ordered from Amazon, you should have them in plenty of time to install b4 Christmas. Smile
Quote:No need for disc compatible on your Traveler:

This is less expensive and will work better for you:

Most of mine, I have made myself.

Looks like the wobbly one I replaced. :S
I got my fenders today and managed to install the front. Smile It need to be adjusted a little bit for a cleaner look but for now its ok it does not rub nor nothing.
Waiting for the rack to arrive to try to install the rear fender and the rack by myself. It looks complicated but I will give it a try. The LBS wants 40 bucks for installing those things!... WTF


Good job. Fiddley aren't they? The LBS probably charge so much because they don't really want to do it either. Big Grin
So for some reason I have not received the rear rack yet and it was ordered On Dec 17 Sad . So I decided to go ahead and try to install the rear fender . It took me a bit and I broke a few nails but I got it done. Again...I just can't believe the LBS charge so much for installing these things. Here is a picture. I have a group recreational ride called The Polar Bear Ride this Saturday and I will be using this bicycle . I would have love to have the rack installed for the ride but I guess I am gonna have to use the old one I have. The Post Office really screwed me up with this delivery and its not the first time unfortunately. Who knows when I am going to receive that rack if I ever get it.

For now here is a pic of the bike with the fenders. I love how it looks now. I got a Cateye Velo 5 wired computer also for the bike but I havent put it on yet. I also removed the cup holder it previously had and installed a water bottle cage which is more practical than the cup holder and won't mess up the paint like the cup holder was doing.

Happy 2013 !!!

So I finnally got the rack after a month of the purchase. Got it installed in a breeze. The only little issue I had was that the bolts and nuts didn't work well. They wouldn't thightnen at all where the rack attaches to the arms adapters to hold to the frame so I remembered I had some laying around and they worked perfectly!!

I want to thank everyone for the help..

So here she is ready for spring!..

Glad you got her done the way you like, looks good. Being next to you in Illinois I hope spring will be sprung early this year.But I am way behind on a couple projects of my own. Its hard sometimes for me to keep money from falling out my nose for my hobbiesSad
There are two kinds of people in the world, "Those who help themselves to people, and those who help people!"
Nice Smile
(11-26-2012, 12:32 AM)Giulianna23 Wrote:  Here is a new pic of baby at my office building. Yes ..she is my commuter and used her all spring and summer. Stopped commuting about 2 months ago just because of the darkness in the mornings. Can't wait for Spring to come to start commuting again. I will be upgrading the rack soon and get her some fenders as well.
If you enjoy the commute and can stand the weather get lights. I finally jumped for a dyno hub and led light set that cost more than my bike three years ago. I have not bought a battery or light bulb since. Currently commuting about 75 miles a week. No switch on the light. It comes on when the bike starts moving and stays on for about 5 minutes after it stops, day time running lights. No noise. Close to 1500 hours, not counting recreational and weekend rides, without a problem.

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