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Gloves - Made in the USA?
Hrm. There isn't a clothing section on these forums.

In an effort to attempt to be more patriotic, does anyone know of any bicycling gloves that are made in the USA? Or Canada?

The Sugoi's on sale at my LBS are made in China. Voler's gloves probably are. But do other companies exist?
I Googled: made in USA bicycle gloves

Lots of stuff come up; this one look the most useful on the first page:
it nicely tells where each are made.
Hi Nigel,

Yes, I've gone hunting through the search engines without much luck. I was hoping for testimonials, either positive or negative.

I have a pair of Voler gloves en route. But I hope there are other manufacturers.

Oh, and this thread moved to a "accessories and clothing" forum. Cool.

Ironically, just last night I saw that Voler is making some of their gloves in the states. I have a pair from overseas, used for the first time last weekend on a 113 mile ride. They were OK. The gel padding is slightly too thin for me, but within the acceptable range.
Voler now says on their web site that their gloves are made in Pakistan. Could not find a pair of gloves made in the usa dedicated to cycling. Defeet has some gloves but only full fingers

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