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Intercom - tandem - product review
We got this a few days ago, and used on yesterday's ride: .

It uses a pair of AAA batteries, and comes with a couple of ear buds with microphone booms.

The good:
* the box is small, we clipped it to the back of my shirt collar - at the label. Good location so that Diane could plug in/out when she got on/off, and I did not even feel it.
* we could hear each other, even along the road with heavy traffic.

The not so good:
* the ear bud mic combo is intended to be velcro'd inside an full coverage motorcyle helmet - doesn't work so well on a bike.
* the hook up (single three conductor 3.5mm plug) is different from our computer (Skype) head sets.

We have ordered a couple of different kinds of headsets to try.

You can also attach a CD/MP3/whatever to it for both people to listen to. We probably will never use that feature.

Bottom line: great price, works well, but plan on spending some more money on different headsets. Even then, it will be a sub-$40- communications solution - a great bargin in my book.
I like, but I do have a big mouth that works better than most people want it to!
There are two kinds of people in the world, "Those who help themselves to people, and those who help people!"
(07-03-2011, 05:20 PM)painkiller Wrote:  I like, but I do have a big mouth that works better than most people want it to!
me too; but not enough with heavy 40 mph traffic while riding at 20+ mph.......

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