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Chain Link looped within another
One of my chainlink did a loop to overlap another link in 2 spots, it happened after i hit a big oil puddle, knocking off my gear sets and knocking my chain off, while appliny the gear's back on, i looped it somehow, and have no clue how

Picture: [Image: 30ddtl3.jpg]
It is a SR Giant Grinder with a Preload Adjust, Custom Light-weight Steel Tubing, 28.4mm Stanchions
Just push it around with your fingers - wear nitrile gloves to keep you hands clean, gently.

For less than $20- you can get a new chain; so keep that in mind.

I'd like to see more pictures of your bike; please post some in: http://forums.bikeride.com/forum-36.html I am working on a SR Sierra Sport, and am curious about other SR bikes as there is very little information about them on the 'net.

Thank you
Thanks! It worked somehow! And i will get my camera and upload some better graphic pictures later (bookmarks your link) Big Grin

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