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Problem with Deore SL-510 shifter
I am a complete bike repair novice. The front derailleur on my 1999 Rockhopper was not shifting smoothly so I brought it to the NEW local bike repair shop. He adjusted the front derailleur and it appeared to shift smoothly except that the shifter (left) was sticking when downshifting. He opened the shifter, flushed with WD-40 and it was sticking less often. Ultimately he said he wasn't sure what else to do. I brought the bike home and almost immediately things went bad again. Now it will not shift down into position #1 at all. Now position #2 corresponds to the SMALLEST gear and position #3 is the MIDDLE gear.

sounds like your cable could be too tight, or the stop on the derailuer is not set right, or the cable is binding inside the housing (pull to inspect and clean and oil it) , or the shift cable inside is frayed, or the shifter is dead, very typical of these kinda shifters from the many I have come across and have worked on, they have a few springs inside that seem to loose tension to hold pressure, this is just from my experience-

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