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Choosing entry level bicycles
Hi everyone,
Please help me choose between the following 3 bycicles, you can see full specs for all of them:

1. Giant Escaper (NOT Escaper Disc):

2. Marin Pioneer Trail 2011

3. GT Aggressor 3.0 2011

If you have general recommendations on a specific brand (or complaints, from experience), I'll be happy to know.

10x pals
The Trek guy has to pop in Tongue
That's a good bike, and its in your price range I believe. Seems like you don't want to go with disc brakes?
But out of the ones you posted I would probably choose the Giant seems to have a few better components than the gt does.
Hello and welcome to the forums! Add in to what nameused said to get the most for the money you have you might also want to find local bike shops that you could test ride these 3 bikes to see if you are comfortable. Glad you did choose higher quality bikes though Smile . Just remember the bike has to fit you not you fit the bike Wink . Don't let any sales person push you into buying something you may not be comfortable with! However I would go with... just kidding! Big Grin . Again these 3 are really nice.
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
10x pals,
I don't have time to try all the 3, most shops doesn't have even 2 of them in stock.
"Trek Guy" - I actually can afford even Trek 3700\3900.
Let's say I'm considering the Trek 3900 model - does everyone agree that it's better than all the other 3?
I definitely like the Trek in matte candy orange. I've also had nothing but good luck with Trek bikes.
10x again, I see you all like Trek.
What about "dry comparison" between these models - only according to their full specs?
(The Marin is a little more expensive than the rest so I assumed it'll be a little better. or not?)
Mr Grey,

I don't know too much about two of the bikes you mentioned, but I can tell you that I have owned three Giants and still ride two of them. The Giant bike you mentioned is one of the models that is not sold in the North American market so I have not seen one at my LBS who is a Giant dealer. I have not had problem one with any of my Giants that was the fault of the manufacturer. I bought my Cypress hybrid last July and have put over 2,000 miles on it. Bought my Defy road bike in November and put over 1,000 miles on it and neither has given my any problems. Like Rob being the Trek guy, I guess I am kind of the Giant guy.

But you should also look at the Trek if you get a chance. Trek also has quality bikes and I know a lot of people who have and swear by them. Good luck in finding the right bike for you. Just remember what Bill said in that the bike has to fit you and not the other way around.
HCFR Cycling Team
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Actually I googled "Trek 3900" I haven't read very pleased reviews.. But these are probably very experienced reviewers, they probably expect too much from 400$ byces.

I guess that without the ability of actually try them all - I have to take a risk.
(04-21-2011, 04:17 PM)mr_grey Wrote:  Actually I googled "Trek 3900" I haven't read very pleased reviews.. But these are probably very experienced reviewers, they probably expect too much from 400$ byces.

I guess that without the ability of actually try them all - I have to take a risk.

I have the Trek 3700 (2009 model without disk brakes) and I've been nothing but impressed with it. I have a friend who has the disk brakes it has now on his bike and he loves them. I'm betting those people did expect a little too much from a low end mountain bike, but its a lot better than a walmart bike.

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