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105 and dura ace compatability
Hi all,

I have built a tt bike with Dura ace barend shifters (Post 1997) combined with a 105 rear mech. Can these two models go together? The reason I am asking is that for the life of me I cannot get the indexing correct.
I can either get it changing up ok but changing down is poor or vice versa. If I tweak the cable either way the fault seems to reverse. I can get it changing pretty well in the small ring but when I put it in the big ring everything is out.

All the cables are new and routing is fine
The cassette is in condition and is 105
The chain is new HG 10 speed and is the correct length
The chain rings are new and are 105
The rear mech is clean and moves well
The gears change fine when the shifters are in friction mode
The rear mech is straight and the hanger is straight also

To me the rear mech just has to swing a wee bit more either way. It seems that the indexing of the Dura ace shifters are not allowing this. Can the indexing of these shifters be adjusted? I have tried routing the cable in different ways on the rear mech also nothing is helping

any help would be appreciated,


Here's a good place to start on compatibility:

But first question is does the shifter have the same number of speeds as the gear cluster. If not, you won't get it to work regardless.
Hi Dave, yes all 10 speed. sheldons site reckons they are compatible.

I think a trip to my LBS is in order

I posted a similar question regarding shimano interchangeability a few weeks ago, and I found shimanos compatibility chart.
Thanks. Thats useful info!!



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