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Derailleur Compatability
Hi Folks,
Bit confused here about what derailleur to buy. I've just fitting a shimano MageRange Freewheel to my bike. Tooth Ratio 14-34. link here


and now I need a derailleur to go with it. I don't really want to spend more than £20. £30 at a push. so I've been looking for various derailleurs.
The closest I've found is this.


which states "For use with 28 to 34 tooth low rear sprockets, total capacity 43 teeth"

I don't really understand what this means. (A freewheel with 28-34 tooth sprockets would be slow right??) but will it be compatible with my freewheel?

alternatively, can anyone recommend a reasonably cheap derailleur or tell me how to decide whether a derailleur will be compatible with my gears. I keep hoping to see one saying "suitable for 14-34 tooth rear sprockets" but no such luck.
The Acera derailleur will be fine.
The 28 to 34T is the size of large sprocket that it's designed for.
So, for instance, 14/28 to 14/34 would be O.K.

If you wanted to run a large sprocket under 28T then you would be better of with one of the road derailleurs.

Have a look at Sheldon Browns explanation of "derailleur capacity".

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