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Chain Slipping
Hello to all bicycle enthusiasts. I need some help on my mountain bike that I have recently purchased. It is a Cannondale Trail SL 6 and I am having some problems with my whole drive assembly. The problems that I am having are when going up a hill, not shifting down into a lower gear, my chain feels like it just pops off the rear cogs and I inturn feel like I am about to kick my pedal off the crank. I notice it when I have it in on the third lowest gear on the rear cassette and the second gear on the crank. I have looked at the alignment on the rear deraileuer and it looks fine to me. I am at a point of don't know what to do. If anybody could give me a hand that would be great. Thank you for your time.
Chances are the chain and sprockets are worn.
Measure the chain as per:-

If you do need a new chain then probably the sprockets are worn as well. If the chain is badly worn the the chainrings could also need replacing?
Ride hard or ride home alone!
If this is a new bike, return it to the supplier for sorting out under warranty, if you bought on line, get it fixed at a LBS and send your supplier the bill.

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