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What Model of Schwinn is this bike?
Hi all, I just picked this bike up this morning on Craigslist (FREE). The serial # is FJ007485. I have figured out that FJ means June 1973 but i have no clue what Model it is. any info would help . thanx guy'z
I don't know what model that is, but that is one heck of a nice bike for FREE. There are a few guys on this forum, like Bill, who are into old Schwinn bikes and he should be able to tell you. Again, nice bike. Enjoy the ride. Smile
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Here is all the info links I compiled for Schwinn. Look at the catalog photos.
Could be a Sports Tourer or Continental. Varsity was available with fenders. Crank side photos would help.

Good find.

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Yeah, I think George is right. I have seen a lot of green Varsity bikes over the years. Try looking in that 1973+/- brochure and look toward the mid to end of each catalog. Varsity wasn't a high-end bike but was extremely popular and heavier than others. It was aimed at the high-school and college student market.


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George here are some more pic's , hope this helps

Yes most likely the Varsity, not much difference between the models. You are right about the production date.

Just noticed its the same link KC found. :-)))

Clean it up, service all bearings and have fun. IIRC KC has some experience soaking rusty parts like the crank and derailer..
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I have to agree, I know they used a couple of their Road bike models for touring models but can't remember which ones. All they did was put certain accessories on them to give them the look of touring models I believe.
This is definitely a great find for free Smile
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
That crankset looks like a good project to test the effectiveness of aluminum foil in removing rust.
HCFR Cycling Team
Ride Safe...Ride Hard...Ride Daily
Nice suggestion John! Also could try it out on the Front Derailler as well if it still functions good. Awesome restoration project as well as a nice bike to ride Big Grin
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
Thanx Everybody, lots of good info. I am by no miens a bike mechanic. I have a few questions. 1st: do I need a cone wrench for the bottom bracket or can I use something else? 2nd: The bearings in the bottom bracket, are they caged or loose in there?

thanx again guy'z

Cone wrenches are thin wrenches that fit the wheel cones and luck nuts. They are for wheels.

Looking at your first post the BB has a large nut (L)that can be removed with a adjustable wrench or a large wrench. Do spray liquid wrench or any other penetrant you got on the threads and let it soak overnight.
It looks like a one piece crank so you will also need to get the pedal off the left side.
Typically caged bearings.

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