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Looking for new MTB
Looking to buy a new Mtb, got between $600-$900 to spend jsut getting started so not want to spend a fortune. Going to keep my other bike to ride around the city parks etc. Want to find one to ride on lite to medium type trails. I'm 6'3" and 260lbs so I'm looking to find something that can take a mild beating. Was looking at the Specialized Hardrock Disc 29er in grey the blue is to much what do you think.

I'm a big fan of Trek hardtail bikes, so I would say anything in the 4 series of Trek bikes are good bikes. I personally ride a 3700 and it takes me just about anywhere I need to go.

[Image: DSCN0157.jpg]
Trek 3/4 series are good bikes, and I know a few people who've started with them.

However the Hardrock I think is still the king of starter bikes. Mine's been abused, crashed, battered, etc. and the frame is still absolutely fine. It's so well designed that with some upgrades it can take on bikes way outside it's price point. Heck I used it for 4X racing at one point, didn't put a foot wrong. Rides rather well over the rough and is really acrobatic (especially in the air). Drive train components, headsets, BBs etc. are fairly basic, but they'll last so don't bother upgrading them until they wear out or break.

I would buy the most expensive one you can (29er mean 29" wheels, good luck getting decent MTB forks and tyres for them. Grab the regular 26"). Stock components (particularly the forks) aren't that great, but then again neither are the ones on the Treks. Suntour forks have a habit of dying after some abuse and weather so if you can afford one with a Rockshox fork then get that. Otherwise be prepared to grab a reasonable second hand fork within 6-12 months. Mine died in 4. This however will be true with any bike in your price range, I can't name a single one that comes with a half-decent fork these days.

I started out on a Hardrock. Still got the original frame and (some) original bits. If I had to learn MTB all over again I wouldn't hesitate to buy another (make sure you get a disc model though otherwise you'll spend a fortune when you want to upgrade the brakes, that was my mistake). I've put new wheels on it (breakages), some proper hydraulic brakes and a decent 130mm fork. Goes like a stabbed rat!
As JonB mentioned, check out the Trek 3 & 4 series. These are 26" wheels though. I have two friends your height that prefer them over 29ers due to our local trails (Ozarks); lots of tight switchbacks.
You could even get into the 6 series with a 6000D at ~$950.
At ~$750, you'll find the 4500D with Shimano hydraulic disc and a (nicer) Suntour fork. Bump up to the 6000 and you trade the brakes for mechanical discs but get a RockShox Tora up front. IMO, money well spent. A good fork is .... hmmm,,, how do I say this... I would rather upgrade brakes later than a fork sooner.

Central TX is probably prime conditions for a 29er, though. Big armadillos and stuff Smile . At $850, check out the Gary Fisher (Treks weblink) Mamba. Nicely spec'd where it matters most. SRAM 8 spd triggers and a X5 rear drlr. AND... a genuine, lockout-ready, super-schweet RockShox Tora! You also get sweet Avid BB-5 mech disc brakes. You like?

No, I don't work for Trek. In the '90s I hated them. Now I sell them at a LBS. Life is strange.


PS: nameused - nice 37! Is that lava on your tires? Wink
Wheelies don't pop themselves. (from a QBP fortune cookie)
(02-04-2011, 09:21 PM)RobAR Wrote:  PS: nameused - nice 37! Is that lava on your tires? Wink

Haha nah its just mud. If I remember right it rained the day before, but I was dying to take it out, so I did. Big Grin

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