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Schwinn chrome bike
I have a chrome Schwinn with a serial #L623633. I believe it was made in 1976. I am trying to find out which model it is. I would assume it is a La Tour or Paramount based on the fact that it is chrome. All of the components are Shimano 105. I can't find that shimano number in any of the spec sheets. Does anyone have an idea which Schwinn model this is.
Definitely vintage, but I am not the pro on that! Couple other members have links to some older Schwinn magazines online and could help ya there! Very nice ride
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
The front out of focus badge looks like Schwinn Approved Japan , so its not Paramount.
Cannot tell what the seat tube says.
( suggest reading up on how to take photos) Unfortunately this goes for many listers. Its not hard and helps with get accurate info.

Cannot tell for sure if it has the double brake levers,those usually came on lower grades.I am including the Schwinn info links I have. Nice bike. HTH

Let us know what you came up with .

Never Give Up!!!
Just for curiosity I looked around. Only chrome bikes I found was this 1978 Super Le Tour 12.2 and 1981 Voyager, But there were others. Schwinn Approved in 70-80's were made by Panasonic, very nice bikes.The first started appearing in 1974.
Frame materials differed with bikes weighting 35lbs to 26 lbs for the top Panasonic Butted Tange tubing ones.

If anyone has additional Links lets add them to our knowledge.

Could not find the ser#, but thats not unusual.

Never Give Up!!!
Here is one of the websites I was doing some of my research on that shows the 1977 Super Le Tour came in all chrome. That with the serial # pointing to end of 1976 production is what i was using to determine the model.


Thank you for your help
Great link, I have not seen that one before. Google did not pop it. How did you find it?

BTW the L series bikes are Chicago Made. The Schwinn Approved is Japan made. They used different ser#.

So the data base is very incomplete. But It is most likely a Le Tour made by Panasonic from the late 70's as you say. The equipment is different than listed but that happens too, some maybe dealer changed.

It is a nice bike in good condition. Whats the frame material?

Hey I cannot find my MB bike ser # either and its a 1991. Had it since new:-)))
Never Give Up!!!
Here it is in the old 1977 catalogs . . . it's on the right if you have a narrow width browser.


They charged an extra $50 for the Chrome-moly frame. That's almost $200 in today's dollars. Smile
And 1977 was a tough year economically speaking, so I doubt many were sold.
Wanna sell it? Big Grin

Junkyard Tools rescued from the junkyard!
Here it is again in the old 1976 catalog . . .


I love my 1984 Red Super Le Tour, but wish it was chrome now. Smile

Junkyard Tools rescued from the junkyard!
Not to confuse matters more but, you guys didn't forget the "approved Giant"s, did you? I've seen Giants from the mid-70s, I'm almost positive.
Near or On the left rear dropout, is there a small, white sticker or "GIANT" stamped into the frame?
Wheelies don't pop themselves. (from a QBP fortune cookie)
Interesting , never heard of early Approved by Giant of Taiwan. The approved Schwinn bikes were mostly made in Japan by Panasonic, and IIRC the Giant started as a Taiwanese firm that eventually wound up making bikes for most of the Japanese brands including sadly the great Panasonic bikes..You are confirmed by Sheldon Brown that some stuff was indeed made in Taiwan in the 70's. Probably the lower grades.


Good careful reading KC . I should get my money back from my speed reading course. I blew right by the early models till I got to 1978.:-)))Although I do not see the chrome option on the 1976 model. BTW I like your red Super Le Tour and the neat shifters. Is it the Columbus Tenex frame??

The double brake levers and the 105 components on this chromed bike do not add up. But that was a long time ago.
Never Give Up!!!
Thanks for all the compliments George, what are ya wanting from me now? Smile

He-he, sorry about getting back here late but my plate has been full since the beginning of the year, and that's a good thing.

I'll try to get out to the garage and take a look at the Super LeTour and see what the frame is directly but until the weather around here goes back above freezing we can all just look at the pic. Try not to drool George. Smile

As best as I can see, it says Chrome-Moly 4130, right? But that's not the same as Chrome Plated though.

BTW, you're right about the 1976 Super LeTour, I must have seen "Chrome-moly" frame and the color "silver" and jumped to the wrong conclusion.

Junkyard Tools rescued from the junkyard!
Nice bike , ye I am drooling. Great shape.Yes I thought if its a 1984 it would be 4130.
Lots of freezing weather on the East Coast, I so do not miss it.

In 1985 Last year for the Super Le Tour , I think, Schwinn went all out and used the Columbus Tenax
tubing for the lightest of the series at 24 lbs.
Never Give Up!!!
BTW , I was just looking at LA Craigs list and came across this Bike


Its a 1972 made in Taiwan Schwinn. Interesting sure started early.
Never Give Up!!!
Wow, $400 for a 1972 Tourist, that's amazing (and high priced)! . . . and where's "global warming" when ya need it?

The bike is in good shape for its age and everything seems to be original right down to the tires, but that's more money than I would pay unless that bike model had some nostalgic importance to me. . . Know what I mean?

That model is kind of a dorky model, ya know? (I'm trying to be nice) Yeah, it's the roots of a "hybrid style" by today's standards, but a new hybrid goes for about the same money if that's what you are looking for. Besides, the old "kewl" bikes are rare because they were ALWAYS being ridden, not the dork bikes which were usually put away in a corner somewhere for years like that one on CL. (accept my apologies if I stepped on anyone's toes)

Bottom line I think is the demand and pricing is based on a timeless "kewl factor" that spans generations. Like the OP's chrome bike in this thread. Smile

BTW, what ever happened to that guy?

Junkyard Tools rescued from the junkyard!
Another hit and run poster.

As per the $400 , bikes are more expensive here in S. Cal. But ye this guy is dreaming. Its interesting that its early Taiwan bike, but still says Chicago.

I see a bit of high prices here when people think their junkers are treasures. Occasionally some reasonable deals pop up, but nothing like your Super.
Never Give Up!!!

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