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Measuring chain link width
Ebaying for a missing link chain connector i see some are made for 6.6, 7.1, and 7.3 mm. thick chains. To measure, i assume you put the caliper around the fat link and avoid the pins. Anyone out there know the right way?

Also, I'm confused by the figure 3/32" on the new chain box since that equals only 2.5 mm, and no chain is that thin unless it's gold or silver. Sheldon Brown's ghost is silent on the subj.
All the links I have bought have been identified by their chain speed?
ie 8 speed 10 speed etc.

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(12-26-2010, 07:16 PM)cyclerUK Wrote:  All the links I have bought have been identified by their chain speed?
ie 8 speed 10 speed etc.


Going by the KMC connector links, the less speeds recommended, the thicker the chain....
Usually, you have a missing link for 6-7-8 speed, then one for 9 speed, and one for 10 speed... I don't know if there's one for Campagnolo 11 speed...

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