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Un-centered front brake causing crash?
So I posted a different thread about my bike crash and sewing spandex. Here's more of the full story. I was riding along on a flat smooth road, the front wheel started to shimmy a little bit, then i went over the handle bars. When I got up the front brake caliper was mis-aligned to the point that he front wheel wouldn't turn. At the time i attributed it to the crash and because my brake lever had twisted around on the bar. I was out on a ride the other day when all of a sudden it got really hard to pedal and i finally heard the front brake dragging again. When i centered it, i noticed that the centering screw was almost backed all the way out because of how many times i've had to center it in the past week. I didn't put 2 & 2 together right after my crash that it was my rear brake lever that had gotten torqued in the crash, so im about 99% positive that my front brake caused me to crash. I took it to my lbs and he didn't see anything wrong with it other than the mounting bolt that attaches it to the fork was a little looser than he would have liked. So...anyone experience something similar to this? It's a dura-ace 7800 so it's not like it's a cheapo part or anything.
That's really strange, I wouldn't imagine your front caliper brake causing enough force to send you over the handlebars. I wonder how that happened. I've had brake pads get stuck on tires before but never anything like that. Hopefully it won't happen again.
Any chance the block got under the rim and jammed in the spokes?
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The wheel is still true and no scratched/broken spokes so i don't think that happened. I really hope it doesn't happen again too.

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