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Super Clyde Wheelset?
Been asked a hundred times, but was wondering if anyone has tried a set of White MI6 48h freehub Rear and MI6 Disc 48h Front laced to Sun Rynolite 48h 29er rims. The hubs have 15mm axles- so may be an issue with build on new bike (thinking of a Q-ball frame and fork) but may be able to get frame and fork custom machined.

At 6'2" a little over 300# I think I fit the Super Clyde category- want something STRONG under me on a trail.
If you get no answers here, I'd poke around on:

I am way over 300# too. I have the advantage that I am a Mechanical Design Engineer, so I understand why things fail.

You did not mention spokes, which are more important than rims and hubs.

304 cold forged stainless steel spokes such as Wheelsmith are more than three times stronger than "standard" spokes.

For each increase in spoke size - for example 15 to 14 guage - the strength goes up between 1.5x and 1.75x.

For example; dh 13 from Wheelsmith is approximately 5¼x as strong as a "standard" 14 guage spoke.

When I get home from my business trip, I will be rebuilding one of my bike's wheel with dh 13 spokes.

My other bike's wheel is a cheap one with 12 guage spokes (roughly 3x as strong as "standard" 14 guage spokes) and a freewheel. In several thousand miles, the spokes have given me no problems.

If you are going for a new wheel, make sure that you get one with a freehub (cassette) and not a freewheel, and make sure that the axle bearings are out near the ends of the axle. Stress on the axle is directly related to the bearing spacing, the closer the bearings are to the frame, the less axle stress.

What you propose will work fine, as long as you used good spokes, proper tension and destressing; but I think that it is overkill.

Going forward, my wheels will be:
* 36 hole
* Wheelsmith dh 13 spokes
* freehub

update on my "cheap" 12g 36H wheel - the drive side bearing cone lock nut came loose; so I cleaned and repacked the bearings (used boat trailer wheel bearing grease). I made sure the lock nut was very well torqued against the cone on the drive side, then adjusted as shown in the video this site.

Works great.

20-20 hind sight, should probably clean and regrease the bearings annually or every 1000 miles.

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