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Updating wheelset
I don't have too much knowledge of bikes, other than the fact that i love to ride them. I have a 7 speed freewheel on my older road bike, i want to get some nice wheels so I am wondering if I can put a new wheel with a 7 speed cassette with out any problems? Thanks for any help. I am not really sure of the components involved, i know that the rear derailleur is 7 speed index shifting.
If you buy a new wheelset it will more than likely come with a freehub for a 9 speed cassette. However, you can buy a spacer so that you can use a 7 speed cassette on an 8/9 speed freehub, like this: http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/Models.aspx?PartnerID=79&ModelID=1289
Check that the OLD ( over locknut dimension ) is the same as on your old wheels and note that 7 speed freehubs(cassettes) are getting difficult to find, I think that Shimano no longer make one, you can check here; http://cycle.shimano-eu.com/publish/content/global_cycle/en/nl/index/products/mountain/tourney_test.download.-Par50rparsys-0001-downloadFile.html/Tourney%20Components.pdf
I would stick with 7 speed screw on freewheel, much simpler and cheaper.
I have a Centurion Ironman Expert and I changed my wheel and Hub set to Forte Titan wheels and bought a 7speed rear cog set for it at the same time at Performance Bicycles in Ca. Look at Dad's old son's new for pice
oops pics
thanks guys. I just havent been able to find any good wheels that still use a threaded freewheel. I was under the impression they just werent manufactured anymore. Any ideas?
I would go down the "freehub" route for future upgrade to 8/9/10 speed if you wanted to.
Generally Shimano freehubs will take 7 to 10 speed cassettes.
Other makes such as Campagnolo don't so be careful in your choice.
7 speed cassettes are still available and will be for some time yet.
BUT as Trevgbb points out- check out the width of the rear dropouts as you will need either 130mm or 135mm for current hubs.

:- http://www.sheldonbrown.com/gloss_sp-ss.html#spacing
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Hi do not know where you are, so do not know if USA info is good for you. Also no idea if its a MB or Road bike. or what size wheels??? Why do you want to change wheels?

Anyway check out this link as they have wheels and cassettes.




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Thanks, I'm in the US. It's an old specialized road bike. The droput spacing seems to be around 126-128. It has a 7 speed threaded freewheel, and Suntour Blaze Shifters. I want to upgrade to some Rolf Vector Comp wheels. I am pretty sure they have 135 mm hubs. Is it too much to manually stretch the dropouts from 128 to 135mm? I understand that with a 7 speed cassette and a space it shouldn''t be any problem with my derailleru as it is. If I could only find a decent pair of wheels with a threaded freewheel. The only ones i can find are cheapos at the bike shop, that last a few months and then I start breaking spokes. Thanks for all the info.
Road bikes usually have 130mm today. And yes, you are correct, the wheels that are sold today with freewheels are lowest end (except for some lucky finds at bike shops, they sometimes want to get rid of their old stuff and you can get new wheels (well, with outdated technical components) for not too much money. Also note that when updating from 7 speed to 9 or 10 speed you will have to swap out a lot of stuff, the most expensive being the shifters.

If you have a steel frame you can alter the dropout spacing, take a look at what http://www.sheldonbrown.com has to say on replacing parts on old bikes.

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