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Updating drive gear... never-ending headache
A bit of a long drawn out story I know but as of two days ago, I had no idea of what the mechanicals of a MTB's drive gear were.

I have an Avanti Montari MTB
- 24sp
- 1999-2000 vintage
- Shimano Acera Shifters, Front / Rear Derailleur, chainrings, hubs etc

It all started when recently, one of my shifters shat itself, so I found a supplier on ebay that I purchased a set of new Shimano Alvio shifters from.

Along with the shifters, I also picked up the matching set of Shimano Alvio Front and Rear Derraileurs as the current Shimano Acera gear was beginning to show their age.

I began to dismantle yesterday and found inscriptions on the chain IG NARROW. As I had no idea what this was I began to google and soon found out that my old Interactive Glide (IG) chain/rear derailleur and cassette were not suited to my new Hyperglide (HG) derailleur.

I am now looking at additionally purchasing to suit the new HG setup;
- Shimano Alvio Crankset & BB
- Cassette
- Chain

My problem is now with the replacement of the Crankset / BB and the Cassette.
Crankset & BB - my existing BB is what appears to be the older Tappered Square spindle which I assume is the older 'internal' bearing variant. Can I still get a Shimano Alvio Crankset with this style of BB or will I have to move to the newer Hollowtech variants.

Cassette - The existing IG Cassette Cluster (which is starting to look aged) is the older Threaded Freewheel Hub style. Can I still purchase a new 8-cog HG Cassette that is a Freewheel style or am I going to have to replace the hub to suit ?

I know the Shimano Alvio range is certainly not high-end gear, but I don't wish to spend big $$$ on an older MTB. If anyone can enlighten me on the points that I haven't been able to research, it will make my life just that little easier, my daughter is on my case to get my bike together again so we can ride.


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Ignore the fact IG versus HG.
I have found no problems mixing either. (chains/cogs etc.)
Alivio cranksets are available in square drive version as are other makes.

The rear sprocket cluster is NOT a "cassette", it is a "freewheel".
If you use the term "cassette" when ordering you may end up with the wrong part.
8 speed "freewheels " are still available but make sure they are SHIMANO compatible if a different make.
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