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Replacing Front Shifter Cable
I am replacing the shifter cable on an Alivio Front Index Shifter.
What gear should the front shifter be in when I install a new cable? When I removed the cable, I had to be in 3 and the cable would come out. But after I put the new cable in, the front derailleur would not shift. When I inspected the cable at the shifter end, I noticed that the cable was right up against the end of the cable housing, so obviously it is missing the mechanism inside to shift. I cannot seem to find any easy way to check to see if there is some sort of catch for the cable end ( like on brakes). My only thought is if the shifter has to be in a different position when reinstalling. Any help is greatly appreciated.

It depends on the type of shifter.<br />
Maybe Park website can help:-<br />
There is sometimes a removable cover that allows access to the fitting.<br />
Have a look at the other shifter and that might be a guide to how the cable fits. (with care). My older LX has has a hinged cover and it unclips to allow access.<br />
I have to line up the slots of the adjuster and body to change the cable.
See Alex's video as there is a shot of cable removal near the end.<br />

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Ok, I sorted it out. For Alivio front index shifter, in order to install a new cable you need to be in 1st gear.


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