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Manitou I Fork Repair
After replacing the elastomer packing in the forks, I can't get the threaded bolt at the bottom of the inside tube to catch. It feels like the bolt is turning, but it never actually connects to the outer tube -- I lift up the bike and the outer tubes just slide down . . . how do I get this thing back together?

ugh, frustrating . . . just want to be riding, lol
rolling along, just easing and a-breezing . . .
Ye that is often a problem with reassembling forks. Put pressure on the fork, compress it and tie it in the compressed position than try again. Sometimes a electric or air wrench helps. Do not force anything make sure you do not get cross threaded. Make sure threads are clean, put a bit of lube on bolt.

Ps what is that photo? Where are you?
Never Give Up!!!
Quote:put a bit of lube on bolt.

Erm, I really wouldn't do that, it means the bolt is more likely to come loose and fall out; which will take the lowers with it and cause PAIN. If you're putting anything on use a bit of threadlock. If you do it quickly it will start off working as a lubricant (ish), but then when it sets it becomes an anti-vibration locking compound that will stop it ever vibrating loose.
"Erm, I really wouldn't do that, it means the bolt is more likely to come loose and fall out;" JonB

I was thinking of anti corrosion properties and to help the bolt catch. You will note that the videos on this site recommend a bit of grease before reassembly. Properly torqued the lubricant will not cause the bolt to fall out. There is no magic. Many mechanical applications recommend a bit of oil on threads. However that gets into a whole different issue as it changes torque values.

Yes proper thread locker is also a good idea. Here in the USA the Loctite blue is the recommended choice, for small fasteners Loctite green. The red is "permanent" used for studs and requires heat for removal, do not use that.
Never Give Up!!!
Thanks to both of you for your replies. I will try the tie-down and lubricant/Loctite ideas.

The photo shows a leaf falling. I was trying to snap a photo of a pair of nighthawks in flight (their nest is near my house and I see them every day). My camera delayed the shot and I got the leaf instead, but I like it so it's all good. Some of the best photographs are taken by accident.

I currently live in Arkansas and attend Lyon College. The school just rec'd a grant to put in a mountain bike trail and it is due to be installed in November just on the edge of campus. We're pretty excited about it . . .
rolling along, just easing and a-breezing . . .
Very cool having a trail to ride, good luck with your forks.

Ye digitals got a delay. Try pushing the shutter half way to lock focus and setting on say a branch close to the nest and than wait for shot. Its lot quicker for action shots.
Never Give Up!!!

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