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Ticking sound coming from the crank i think....
Ok... so I got this bike about a month ago, a GIANT Boulder. so far great bike. Anyway i have noticed a tick or maybe a clicking sound. It does not seem to matter what gear i am in. The click happens when the right peddle is just about straight down and i can sort of feel it in my foot. I can't find anything that looks loose. I have also noticed if i am peddling hard it does not happen only and sort of a medium rate. I still haven't taken it in for the free tune up but i bought it in a town almost 2 hours away so if i can fix it myself that would be nice. that being said it does not seem to affect the performances of the bike.<br />
Sorry if i am unclear or it doesn't understand what i mean.
Oh and I love this site the video are done so well!

This could be a pedal or crank or the bottom bracket.<br />
It could also come from other places.<br />
Even the saddle, handlebars etc.<br />
Noises can transfer down the frame.<br />
Initially you need to make sure if it is the crank arm and if so then get it corrected straight away.<br />
If you have the tools then check the tightness of both sides.<br />
A slightly loose crank will only get worse.

Ride hard or ride home alone!
I'm new here but i can relate to your problem as i to have a Giant bicycle (Terrago) 7 years old now but still going strong.
When i purchased the bike initially it was great. then about a month later I had a very similar problem as you.
As its was under warranty i took it straight back to the retailer and he knew straight away that the problem was in the crank housing and more specifically the bearings and a severe lack of lubrication within it. 1 Hr later and the bike was ready to rock again! To this day I have not heard the familiar clicking sound! Just a thought!
Where did you by the bike? i bought mine from a German Dealer many years ago when i lived in Germany but even so i had the warranty filled out by him. As he was a bike mechanic it was immediately recognized and rectified by him. A word of mouth reputable mechanic is worth knowing for those times when you need a little help! I agree with you though that the forums and tutorials here are fantastic!!
Good Luck!

Check out the thread Bottom bracket issues - might help but no real resolution - yet!

Did you find and fix the ticking problem Cappelle? I have a Giant bike with the same problem. It is definately coming from the crank area and sounds like the chain or the chainrings or chainring bolts. So I bought a new chain, new chainrings and new bolts. No luck. It still clicks away on all chainrings and at all cadences. The crank arms are on tight. I guess I'll have to check the bottom bracket. Any other ideas anyone?

As i mentioned in my earlier post, its most likely from the crank. Mine was due to poor greased crank bearings. the Giant dealer rectified it within an hour. Replaced the damaged pitted bearings and repacked the crank. Never been better.
Good Luck!

Stu,<br />
Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I'm thinking it is the bottom bracket bearings - but it's strange 'cuz the sound seems to come from the chainrings or chainring bolts, both of which I replaced. I'll try inspecting the bb next. Sure hope to fix it 'cuz the constant ticking sound is driving me nuts!

steve.. i had a similar issue. only that it wasnt my crank. it was my pedals...i think dirt somehow got in the screw location..donno what its called. but i unscrewed both pedals and cleaned them both out and put them back on, and the noise went again...not sure if this helps though...

I realize this is a 14-month-old thread and the OP hasn't been seen here since starting the thread. That said, I figured I would share my experience with a sound similar to the OP's description.

Like the OP, the sound I hear from my bike is a kind of ticking sound that always occurs with the cranks in the same position -- that is to say, exactly once per full revolution of the cranks. A little bit of diagnosis on my part showed it to be the freely-hanging part of my front shift cable beyond the point where it bolts to the derailleur. For some reason, this section of cable likes to stick out to the left, in a position where the left crank will strike it about 35-40 degrees backward from the crank's straight-up position.

It doesn't cause me any problems, and a fix is as simple as cutting off the cable end closer to the derailleur, but I figured this could be useful for somebody else hearing this type of sound from their bike.

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