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Fixing up Mom's Mountain Bike
First, here are some assorted pictures of the bike. (Sorry, I didn't want to take the time to make all the pictures smaller, hopefully it isn't too much of a bother.)

[Image: DSCN6480.jpg?t=1277170308]
[Image: DSCN6474.jpg?t=1277170311]
[Image: DSCN6475.jpg?t=1277170358]
[Image: DSCN6476.jpg?t=1277170374]
[Image: DSCN6477.jpg?t=1277170306]
[Image: DSCN6478.jpg?t=1277170392]

So, basically, I want to try and fix this thing up so it is working. Right now the left shifter for the front derailler seems to be kind of messed up. It won't move up to #3. A lot of other things you can just see like its kinda of dirty and the chain is super rusted. The front and rear derailler are weather worn. Needs new cables.

Basically, I just wanted to get some advice from pretty much anyone who has any to give. I am somewhat new to fixing bikes and stuff like that. I figure I can take a second to let you guys know what I am thinking about doing and then maybe you can comment on that or just let me hear what's on your mind.

I think I need to get some good kind of degreaser product to clean up the rear derailler, front derailler, the cassette, and front chain ring. I saw a video of this stuff here


It looks like it works damn good and doesn't seem that expensive. I was thinking I could get that or if you guys know of some kind of alternative or maybe some kind of chemical or product that people sometimes have around the house that could do what I am looking to do (Which is just make it really shiny and clean.).

For the chain, is it possible do you guys think to just break it then put it in some kind of solution cleaner and just go through the stiff links and make them flexible and then just use that chain? I don't really know of any stuff to clean the chain off hand, I checked out Sheldon Brown's chain cleaner site once before but I'd like to hear what you guys think.

I don't really know where to start besides just cleaning all that stuff and then seeing how everything works and then go replace cables and whatever else I should do.
I'd scrap the chain and fit a new one.
Agree the cables also look as if they have seen better days.
You can check the movement of the brakes, derailleurs and changers by hand with the cables removed.
The rest of the equipment just clean and oil.
Check out the wheel bearings. (wheels should spin freely and no side play.)
Check the Bottom bracket. ( With the chain off spin the cranks and they should rotate freely with no side play or gritty sound.)
The same with the steering headset. (freely moves with no notches or play.)

Seems a decent frame and equipment so worth doing!
Ride hard or ride home alone!
Looking at the photos, I would:

1. Scrap the chain, even if it's free it has corroded to such an extent that it will be weaker than it should be.

2. You could get away with just replacing the inner cables, but given the condition I'd probably replace the whole lot. Keep the old cable outers, number them or photograph the bike, or something so that you can cut new outers to the same length and rout the cables correctly.

3. Remove all the remaining components, degrease, clean and lubricate them off the bike.

4. Strip and re-grease the wheel bearings, bottom bracket bearings and headset bearings, reassemble and adjust as necessary, replace any that show pitting or excessive wear.

5. Clean and wax the frame.

6. Reassemble all the components back onto the frame, attach and route all the cables.

7. Adjust the brakes and gears, align the handlebars etc. and check everything over carefully before riding.

For recommendations on lubrication, check out Alex's video in the Repair Guide section the site.

For degreaser I generally use Gunk Engine Cleaner, or a similar product from another brand. You can buy this in 1 or 5 litre cans, which I then put into a garden type sprayer. Spray it on the component and work it in with an old or cheap paint brush. Once you worked loose all the old oil and dirt you can then rinse the component with water and all the old oil and degreaser should wash off. Make sure you don't lose any small nuts bolts or washers down the plug hole if you do this in the kitchen sink. Smile

Leave the de-greased component in the sun or somewhere warm to dry thoroughly. Then oil all the pivot points etc. and wipe off any excess before reassembling on the bike.

7 steps, sounds easy, but in truth that will amount to a fair few hours work. But it's incredibly satisfying when you get it all back together and everything works smoothly and feels slick and nice, the way it should.
The first thing I would do is take it all apart.Clean it all up real good then start replacing the things that it needs.It will cost a little to do but in the long run you will be better off.Yes the chain will need to be replace for sure as far as the RD and the FD you will have take both of them off as well and clean the snot out of them.Clean all the balls in the wheel too.Replace all the cable and housing too.
clean,clean clean lots of work but it will also be a lot of fun to do.Good luck on you bicycle repair.
My dad always told me a Sledge a matic can fix any thing.

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