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Cartridge size & Thread "handing"
Hello all , OK this will be the last nagging for today . I have to be at work at 4am so it's past bedtime already . I have these questions burning a hole in my empty head .

The cartridge for the bottom bracket ? I see several styles /quality etc. but sizes aren't addressed so much . A Gt Arette 1997 model BikePedia says it is a sealed unit but that's all . Please can someone tell me which one goes in this bike?

Last question , Dumb one ? Which way do the locking rings for this one turn .. I have looked at a couple of videos but didn't memorize that piece of important info .. OK that's all .. Thanks sooo much .

Pic of this bike .. Not mine but how they look when first bought , Mine is more of a cruiser now . Seat , Bars etc .. Goodnite , Don
I'd say it is a safe bet that the BB has British (or ISO) threads. The shell width should be 68mm, but you can measure that easily. Another important thing is the axle length. Check out Sheldon Brown's database of BBs http://www.sheldonbrown.com
Watch this video for BB removal:-

When you get the BB out it usually has a label on it stating the size.
ie: such as "68 x 110". That is a 68mm shell with 110mm axle length.
If no label then just measure the shell and overall axle length in millimeters.
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Left side has normal threads, right side of the BB has reverse threads.

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