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tires - review/report 26x1.xx commuter
Hi All;

A while back I reported getting Michelin City tires; 26 x 1.4 front and 26 x 1.85 rear. At first I was very happy with them; but after a few months; I am rather unhappy. The 26 x 1.85 developed a very bad axial and radial runout (aka bulge). The Michelins did not have 1000 miles on them. I went back to the Bell Kevlar 26 x 1.75 front and rear; which despite running a lower pressure (70psi vs 90psi); the Bell rolls much better, because they have very good axial and radial runout (they're round and don't wobble side to side).

Further adding to the annoyance, the Michelins cost more than twice as much as the Bells.

The bike is a Raliegh Venture 7 speed. I am well over 300 lbs (and dropping), and ride 12 miles each way to and from work. The Raliegh is my back up bike, which got a lot of use recently due to spoke failures on my primary mid '80s Schwinn World Tourists (made by Giant).
Wow that is good information to know , let alone a live person reporting on how they are. Commend you and anyone else that continues to ride despite fears and troubles not giving up. Many of us (including you Smile ) have given and still do on different bikes, accessories, parts, etc. that is very valuable! I will state if anyone ever asks where they could get a second opinion I'll just give them this weblink! So thanks for the information.
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!

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