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Silly question prob a more than easy fix?
Hi all,
I have virtually no experience when it comes to bikes. I used to love riding a bike as a little girl and so I bought one of those cheap walmart specials to ride around the neighborhood purely for exercise. This may be a silly question but...

...the bike's wheels were flat so I walked it to a nearby gas station and as I walked it there I saw that the back wheel would turn but drag a little bit. Idk y but I thought it would be rectified by having properly inflated tires. So I put the air in and perhaps too much because now the wheel has this puffed up spot on it that is preventing it from passing through the breaks when the wheel revolves. It's as if the tire is protruding in that one spot. How do I rectify this?

I know this is probably a question with a "duh!" answer but I'm less than a novice and can't figure out what to do. I'm almost embarrassed to be asking it here on this website with such expert cyclists. But I just wanna be able to ride it at least once since I've had it for a year now. Thanks a lot any help is greatly appreciated.
Sounds like the tire bead is not fully seated on the rim. Deflate tire and bounce it around a few times especially where its bulging making sure the bead is behind the rim. Re Inflate slowly and make sure to keep the bead in by rotating and bouncing the tire and pushing down. It should look even all around.
Do not over inflate.
Never Give Up!!!
Also just a note Walmart has a 30day or more return policy sooo you can always take it back and get a different one! Wink
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
Cheap Walmart specials, your troubles are only just beginning.
(05-06-2010, 09:58 AM)trevgbb Wrote:  Cheap Walmart specials, your troubles are only just beginning.

Not a very constructive response to someone asking for help--especially considering that the poster clearly stated they were a novice and hesitant to post at all.

Sorry about that cc333,
I think you made a reasonable choice and there is no reason why you can't enjoy yourself in the outdoors on your bike. Since a defective, damaged, or poorly seated tire could be a safety hazard, I would recommend you get some help with this one. Do you remember hitting a curb on a previous ride? If so the sidewall, bead, and rim should be checked. If you could post a close up photo that would make it easier to suggest a next step.
If the tyres look ok with no rips or worn spots and the tube is holding air then it sounds like you've put to much air in the tyre and either put it off the rim or you got a bulge, try letting the tube down, reseating it and this time if you can use a hand pump to pump it up, that way you'll go gradual with the air and it should seat ok.

If you still have problems and if you can try and post a pic up as it will make it easier for the people on here to help as a picture speaks a thousand words.
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you should buy a cheap tire pressure gauge, so you know that you're not inflating it way beyond its limitations. i keep one in my bike bag just in case i have to use a gas station pump.

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