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Freehub replacement
Thanks for the great how to vids.<br />
I have a '98 Giant XTC mountain bike<br />
Shimano Deore XT 9 speed cassette<br />
I believe XTM770 freehub<br />
Quick release axle w/ Sealed bearings<br />
Mavic 6106 rims w/ X223 4 bolt discs<br />
I can't get the freehub off?<br />
Please tell me I'm missing something and I don't have to replace the whole axle assembly because the freehub is seized.<br />
The allen bolt inside the hub is 12mm and it won't turn in either direction.<br />
Is there a wrench I don't have to spin off the free hub somehow.<br />

This Shimano Instruction doc' says the allen key is 14mm?<br />
But is the hub a 770?
Freehub exploded veiw:-<br />

Ride hard or ride home alone!
Could be 14mm, since I don't have an allen key that fits I am using a star drive tool that is long enough for the shaft to reach in there. Whatever it is it fits. I am ID ing the hub based on what comes up for my Shimano drive train. If you know something I don't, please enlighten me.
Thanks for the links, they help some. I would say I have an 775 hub based on those details. Curious, that I have a sealed bearings as apposed to loose ball bearings in a race. Is this unusual? All the details on these links show ball bearings as do most of the tutorials on hub work.

Sorry Gadget but I know nothing extra ontop of what's in the Shimano Doc's.<br />
The retaining bolt will be normal thread.. ie- Anti-clockwise to undo.<br />
But it will be very tight!
A possible alternative is to put the tool in a vice and turn the wheel to undo it.<br />
But be very careful not to damage the wheel / spokes.<br />
Consider buying / borrowing the correct allen key tool as well.
Maybe a trip to a good bike shop is in order.

Ride hard or ride home alone!

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