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Another brake problem with images

I taken photos hope this with explain better then typing I but up this screw and pulled this cable. Well here it goes.

I have watched video adjust-v-brakes/ and all seemed well till a week later! but now the back brake pads seemed have to locked on the back wheel!

looking undone cable tension but this had made the brake loose when pulling.
on the brake arm tension I tighten the Arm centering screws all the way in think this will push the arm and pad out away from wheel but not (see image blue dot)

Middle Image if I straiten the arm more I think there more play at leaver end.
I got my self in a mess pull this undo that don't see why this can be such a nightmare.

what end should I start at brake lever end or back end with the brake arms

Many thanks
Check out http://bikeride.com/adjust-v-brakes/ again. Also make sure that the cable / housing is routed correctly, the ferrules are seated correctly and there are no kinks. Also look at the springs, they should be seated correctly. To centre the brakes tighten centering screws on one side and loosen on other side.
Start off at the brake levers then work your way back to the brakes check your cable housing and the brake cable back off the screws on your brakes before you go to far in with them. After you check all of the parts this is a easy set up just take your time and go slow until you learn your way around with them and watch Alex videos he can get you going fast you may have to watch them a few times to get it down good but its worth your time. And get you a good book on bicycle repair this is part of the fun of riding.
My dad always told me a Sledge a matic can fix any thing.
I didn't know if centering screws should be equal on both side.

I'll try some more. I much rather do myself that way learn then someone do for me, But trying not to make a big mess.

Thanks for replies.
Your right brake pad seems like it isn't touching the rim yet the tension screw is all the way in. Try unscrewing that. If it doesn't work, up the rubbing arm a whole tension setting.
First, unclip the cable at the rear brake and check your wheel, is it running true or loose on the bearings? if not, you a fighting a losing battle, is it central in the drop-outs ( check that the gap either side of the tyre is roughly the same at the chainstay and seat stay, I can't tell for sure, but it looks a little bit left to me) and the nuts tight and pulled fully back into the drop-outs, check the height position of your brake blocks are correct and not rubbing on the tyre.
Slacken off the arm adjusting screws on both sides about half way and feel if the tension in the arm spring feels about the same.
Re-engage the cable and visually check the brake pads are clearing the rim equally by spinning the wheel, if one side is closer than the other, tighten that side adjusting screw slowly until the correct clearance is found.
Note that on cheap bikes, the wheels may not centre properly in any case, as they are machine built and not always dished right.
Cant say too much about the brakes that has not been said before. BUT love your photo of "The Prisoner" Patrick Mc Goohan I have the full set of that series and the first three years of the "Avengers" with Emma Peel who has no equal, Diana Rigg.

BTW I worked with Patrick Macnee (John Steed) on a play in USA. Way back.
Never Give Up!!!
After looking again. Wheel was centre and pulled all the way back. I did resit it just to make sure.
I looked at tension arm one side I don't remember was on the bottom hole were the other side was in the middle hole. I change them both to middle hole. Its looking better now when I spin wheel now.

Taking a lot of time to try and get both pads equal gaps both sides of wheel.

Thanks all

Hay GeorgeET The remake of Prisoner 2009 has just started here in the UK, Sorry to say it rubbish Sad
Wow was not aware of Prisoner remake. Ye the Avengers remake was trash too.

Ye I think spring tension is the key if cables move smoothly. Had a similar problem with my center pull cantilever brakes. One side was dragging, turned out the spring needed re tensioning.
Never Give Up!!!

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