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Is this shifter upgrade possible?
Shifter upgrade

On the advice of a few people here, I am trying to just start with a bike that fits me and upgrade what components I need for my disabilities.
I need advice on whether the bikes I am considering can accommodate an upgrade to Shimano Deore shifters, which I have tried and work well for my arthritically compromised right hand, or a similar trigger shifter which uses not just the thumb but the forefinger and has a short throw.

I just found an unbelievable deal on a Liz Rove e+ in XS that should fit me, but it has the Altus shifter and Alivio 9sp derailleur, which I think is the same as the Trek Verve+ that I tried that caused me a lot of pain. Does anyone know if there is a Microshift trigger shifter that would be compatible, or if I could upgrade to a Deore shifter and derailleur with the 10sp cassette on this bike?

In all my searching, the only ebike I have found (and haven’t ridden yet, not in stock) that has everything I need, is the newest Gazelle Ultimate T10, and it is $4,500 before New York State taxes. I’ve owned and ridden bikes, good bikes, all my life, but not lately, due to numerous injuries, shoulder cuff surgery, hand surgery (multiple times) and very advanced arthritis. I no longer own a car and I live in a rural area, far from any towns and stores. I need an ebike for getting anywhere, but this is my first one and I’m a little worried about making the right choice if I will be paying as much for it as I would for a car. I don’t want to throw away 5 grand if it turns out that the pain in my hand makes riding impossible. If I can make this Liz rove work, it would be a cheaper gamble.

So all you knowledgeable mechanically gifted types, can this be done? Suggestions appreciated!

[The other option would be electrifying a bike that I already have. I have a Trek 200 hybrid, but it has grip shifters, which I cannot use at all. (my wrist cannot do that motion). It has Altus 3x7 Everything else about that bike is perfect for me and it would be a great ebike, but again, I would need to know if there are shifters that could work on that bike with the same parameters listed above.]
I am thinking about electronic shifters, which is much more softer and requires less effort to shift. I think there are electronic shifters that can be mounted on the left side of the bike. I think that could be feasible?
(05-12-2024, 12:58 AM)Nutribun Wrote:  I am thinking about electronic shifters, which is much more softer and requires less effort to shift. I think there are electronic shifters that can be mounted on the left side of the bike. I think that could be feasible?

Wow, that is an awesome idea. I'm a bit leery of more electronics, especially if they require button batteries. What about if it glitches, especially with hills to climb on the way home? But being able to use my left hand for shifting would solve a lot of problems. Of course, then I would really need to have the controller on the right but I don't think there is any barrier to that. Do you know the name of any of these electronic shifters?

Thank you so much for the suggestion!
You can check Wheeltop EDS OX series. I think they are priced around $365 and compatible from 7 speed to 12 speed. Im from the Philippines and i have a friend who uses this shifter/rd system. Battery last for almost more than a month for a single charge (daily commute use + trail weekends).

Another option would be SRAM AXS but they are really pricey.

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