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Human "powered" cycles
Like many, I too always look up miles I have to cover, pack carefully so that I am not "super-tired" and always big -mouthing how far I am riding and so..

While traveling in North India, I saw so many man-powered cycles. Most of these are single-speed. Most of the times, one "driver" pulls 2-3 passengers, luggage and such. Today I even saw, these cyclists carrying huge loads on their own.

Truly impressed. I am sure this is true in other parts of developing country so wanted to hear from others share my experiences..

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Those dudes must in such good shape doing that everyday for work, and probably healthy as can be.
An old human powered cycle from China


In Vietnam and Cambodia the rider sits behind the passengers. They still use these, but in small numbers compared to motorized transport.


They can also carry other things.


They used to use trailers like this several decades ago. Modern versions of these now use a motor bike, and the trailer has a roof.

Notice the houses in the flood plain. During the wet season, the river floods the entire area, and people get to their houses by boat.

Hello ichitan, I remember seeing these "super-human"s in SE Asia. I never thought a lot then as I wasn't into bikepacking/touring then. But now I understand the pains of carrying weight and I don't think even carry half/a third of what these men carry..

Hats off to them..

This guy was even "multitasking" yesterday as I saw him pedal away this huge load..

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The modern equivalents often use an electric motor.

On the Malaysian island of Penang, you can find the trishaw, known in Malaysia as the "beca." They're mostly found in Georgetown and Batu Ferringhi. Most of these guys look about 900 years old. Who knows? They could be 38 and just lived a hard life. A local told me they're opium addicts, but I have no idea if that's true. It certainly makes for an 'exciting' time for someone with Western 'sensibiliities' to be driven slowly around Georgetown in the middle of hectic modern traffic, rather exposed in the front of the contraption. It's also a fabulous way to get a guided tour of a beautiful historic town.



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