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Where are you from and What is your favorite place to ride?
I'm living in Lancaster county Pennsylvania. I have a mountain bike I ride on "rails to trails" along the Susquehanna River. I also have a Workman Tri-Fecta 3-wheeler, I love riding it at flea markets and swap meets , it carries alot.
(10-30-2021, 01:24 AM)Ole PoP Wrote:  I'm living in Lancaster county Pennsylvania. I have a mountain bike I ride on "rails to trails" along the Susquehanna River. I also have a Workman Tri-Fecta 3-wheeler, I love riding it at flea markets and swap meets , it carries alot.

greetings! is your Workman foldable?
I live in Ontario, Canada, I like to ride my fs bike and my hardtail bike on the jumps and on the trails.
I also really enjoy making trails.
I live in Las Vegas, NV. It is the perfect time of year to be riding, it is cool and we never get 117°F (47.222°C) days in the fall, winter, or in the early spring. I live on the east side of the valley and I enjoy riding the River Mountain Loop trail. Most of the 34+ mile trail is a separate path with no cars allowed, making it a safe location/path to ride.

Tis easy to add the Hoover Dam to this trail for an amazing scenic climb and down hill to visit the Arizona side of the dam.

From Florida, when out riding where do you plug the bike in?. How do you find a plug in spot?
Im from the isle of wight uk,mainly mountain biking,used to be a roadie but got disillusioned with it,still got my road bike,but havent ridden it in two years
I'm in central Virginia and getting back in the saddle after about 3 years off. No health issues just got busy with life. I own 3 mountain bikes and a specialized road bike and I love them all! Can't wait to start enjoying this nice weather!
I live in Galax, Virginia during the warm months of the year and in Brooksville, Fl during the winter. Our, my wife and I, love to ride the New River Trail that starts in Galax. It is a very popular biking destination. It runs for 57 miles from Galax, to Pulaski Va. It was originally a railroad track and became a state park years ago. We own two X-spec folding mountain bikes which we can carry in the back of our SUV. We started riding about two months ago. We hit the trail at least once a week and ride it in round trip segments.
X Spec Folding Mountain Bike owner.
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I’m from San Diego and I live by the beach so I like to ride around the beach and bay. I just recently started riding after not riding for 35 years. I am just a leisurely rider and wanted to ride to get a little more exercise besides walking. I recently purchased a used 24” Electra Cruiser 7 and I love it! I would like to replace my derailleur and the cassette or flywheel once I figure out which type I have. I know I have a Revoshift SL-RS35 7 Speed Right Side Shifter and a Shimano Tourney 7 Speed Rear Derailleur RD TY300 but I don’t know if I have a freewheel or cassette or what type of chain I have. I like to diy whenever I can because I’m retired and on a fixed budget. So any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading my long intro. LOL

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From central Alabama, and own two bikes (three if you count my missing mountain bike, stolen off my porch.)

1. Meridian trike, single speed, band brake on rear, caliper on front. Currently unridable. Sad

2. 10-speed road bike (unsure of brand, sorry) also unridable.

3. Ross 26" 21-speed MTN bike (mfg date sometime in 1980s. When last seen, was in excellent ride shape; had just been restored to fully working. Police working on recovery, since they know who stole it and have some ideas where it might be.

I'm nearly 60, working in the IT industry, and walking to stay fit. Planning on thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail in 2027. For on:ious reasons, I don't have any routes I currently ride.

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