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Where are you from and What is your favorite place to ride?
I am from Turkey and I ride everyday to the work lol
I love to ride on the nearest bike trails. I also love to ride in the woods.
I'll be riding the short trek to work and back until the snow flies.
I love riding!! Absolutely live for it!! I'm from West Orange, NJ..and I ride all over the city. Unfortunately, I am in the suburbs of NYC, so not too many scenic places to ride here.
I am retired. I live in a rural part of Prince Edward County, and ride the roads and the Millennium Trial. I ride a Pedego Interceptor
I live in Athens, Greece. My favorite place to ride is historical city center
City streets
Nowadays I mostly just ride around my subdivision for a little air sun and light exercise.
I'd rather ride my horse most of the time, but that isn't always practical so the bike is fine when I need a quick run to the store for something not too bulky.
I ride the southwest part of the Louisville loop, atop the Ohio River floodwall.
Mostly I just ride around my neighborhood
Pacific Coast Highway bike path fron Temescal all of the way down to Toarrance where the path ends.

Hitting Santa Monica, Venice, Marina del Rey, El Segundo, Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach, and Torrance
at the very end. Great places to eat along the way in SaMo, El Segundo and Redondo especially.

Keep your eyes on the road and avoid the DISTRACTIONS.
I like to ride on the street and bike trails with an occasional ride through rough terrain.
I live near Pittsburgh, PA (USA). My favorite local ride lately has been the Butler Freeport trail. My favorite cycling vacation (so far) was cycling in Moab, Utah.
My favorite place to ride is probably NYC. There are so many good biking routes around there and its fun going past traffic
Favorite place to ride is the Ottawa parkway. Love that it's opened on Sundays some really nice sceneries.
Hello Allz
I am basically from Pakistan but I am living in Italy and I mostly ride on the roads because I work as food delivery person on cycle.
I love to ride the Lake Shore in Chicago
I love to bike the Lake Shore in Chicago.

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