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Cannot get tire off wheel
How can I get my Eliminator Grid T9 tire off my rim? I've been at it for about an hour and it just doesn't want to come off.
(08-29-2022, 08:57 PM)Kai B Wrote:  How can I get my Eliminator Grid T9 tire off my rim? I've been at it for about an hour and it just doesn't want to come off.

You may need tire levers to get it off. They are very inexpensive, easy to find, and often come with repair kits and tubes. Best levers have plastic tips (one end with a spoke hook) with steel reinforced body (they run $6-$12, easier to snap 100% plastic ones run $3-$5; come in sets of 2 or 3[best]). You can try a little dish soap to help (I would not use oil, deteriorates the tire/tube rubber and is a pain clean off of the rim).
If you don't care about beating up an alloy rim (or steel rim) you can use flat tip screwdrivers; but personally I would not except as a last resort.

I just put a brand new and very tight tire on a friend's bike yesterday with the 2 cheap levers that came with the tubes I bought (2 levers per tube). Tire went on without issue using only 2 levers.

You can also try the trick of cooling the rim by dunking it in ice water which reduces the size slightly. Easier to do if you have access to a walk-in freezer or fridge.
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(08-29-2022, 08:57 PM)Kai B Wrote:  How can I get my Eliminator Grid T9 tire off my rim? I've been at it for about an hour and it just doesn't want to come off.

Since they brought out tubeless tires, the sizes vary. It depends on both the tire and wheel. Some tubeless tires are easy to get on and off. Others are very difficult. I have one bike which is difficult to get tires on and off, but it can be done. I understand because I have experienced it myself.

Without seeing what you are doing, it is difficult to say what you should do. Like has been said, use good tire levers. Make sure the bead of the tire on the opposite side is in the middle low part of the rim.
I am a big fan of the Crank Brothers Speedier Tire Lever.

Also, have you made sure to pinch the beads together, so they drop into the channel in middle of the rim, leaving more give at the other side of the rim (where you'll be trying to lever the tire off)?

Sometimes, I find it helps to lean on the top of wheel with my upper chest, pushing the tire/wheel into the floor so I get as much slack as possible.
To make the job easier you will need to get a spray bottle, put in about 4 squirts of soap, and add about a cup of water, spray the area where you are trying to get the tire off, then it should just slip of easier, still might be difficult but nothing like it is now.


Also you need to make sure your tire tools are up to the task. Some recommended steel core levers, those are good levers, I use Lezyne Power XL levers, and while their not steel core I haven't broken one yet either.

I had a very tough install of a Schwalbe Almotion tires that I actually broke a pair of Soma steel core levers, and a Pedros tire lever, and was afraid I was going to break my VAR lever, that was even after lubing the tire with the soapy solution! So I bought a pair of Lezyne Power XL levers since I was going to be needing a new pair of levers, and I bought a Kool Stop Tire Bead Jack lever, that Kool Stop worked great, it was still tough to get the tires on but they did go on. The Lezyne Power XL levers are extremely tough, I was surprised that they were stronger than the Soma steel core levers.

Having said that, your issue was getting the tire off, so watch the video and see if that helps at all.
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