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Why should I buy an e-bike?
Hello, bike riders!
The question is loud and clear - let's discuss the need for an e-bike. Why should one buy it?
Share your pros and cons.

It makes getting around more fun. Explore more. Improve fitness. And it better for the earth.
for long distance biking its ideal to have the ebike!
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So much fun !!
I want an e-bike because it will allow me to join longer rides with friends. I have no problem riding distance I fall behind on hills. A boost would be great and a little help after to catch up. This would make the ride more fun and relaxing for me.
It extends my biking range
interested but need some kind of attachment for my O2 cylinder
I am older now & climbing up hills get pretty tough an e- bike would help a lot.
It would make getting around easier.
I can see it being most beneficial have that battery power assist, especially on up hills...particularly for those like myself with bad knees.
It certainly makes riding long distances more enjoyable and less taxing, while still getting the benefits of exercise.
I am thinking this is exactly what I need!
The main benefit from my perspective is that you can ride more effortlessly if you use the bike to commute to work. I do not mind a strenuous ride home, but on the way to work I would prefer not to work up too much of a sweat.
You should buy an E-bike because it's a great way to explore the great outdoors, and you can't have more fun!
Would definitely be able to explore farther away from camp!
The extra exercise will be great, but saving money by not using my gas guzzler is the real reason
Great for seniors like me!!
Helps me keep going when I need a boost especially now that I had my left leg amputated below the knee.
My Fiancé and I have had them for 7 years now. I love my e-bike. We can bike longer and enjoy the views along the way. No cons.
Because I'm getting older and that helps me travel long distances

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