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How long is a charge on the E-Bike?
I don't own an e-bike, but I know times vary from what others have told me. Charging time is specific to each bike depending on charging system and battery capacity. Also, how much the battery has been depleted. I would check a manufacturer's specs to determine their time. Supply voltage is also a factor since line voltage is not at the same level everywhere you plug in (i.e. your home may be at 110V whereas your work may be at 120V).
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Jasper agree with you, seems voltage does vary the charge time on my KBO Hurricane . I do watch the charging time carefully after reading about the numerous fires inside homes and shops.

Ron Quote: "How long is charge"
Jasper answered your question about time to charge an ebike very well.

But maybe you asked what is the "bicycle range of the battery charge?" That is always a difficult answer:
1. battery size (14Ah provides longer range than a 9.6Ah) if bike weight is similar.
2. strong headwind use more battery power.
3. riders weight (140 pound teen, can ride much farther than a 220 pound adult on the same bicycle with same charge).
4. Ribble's 24 pound eBike is similar to a road bike weight, when compared to tank weight fat tire 80 pound or heavier eBike will always require a larger battery to go same distance.


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