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Finally Snow!
Still rips through the snow! Maxxis Crossmark tire in the front and CTS Rock Hawk in the back.

I went to speed up a small hill over the grass at Walmart before the snow and had the rear spin out when the back tire quickly caught traction and stabilized. I now see why they call it the Rock Hawk. Has the same performance snow all around–non-stop catches every skid in the back.

The nodes at the center of the Crossmark tire elevate the center so that the tire can shed whatever collects in the grooves.

Such amazing performance for the most unforgiving terrain of all. I would still be inclined to test other tire combinations to compare performance, such as Specialized Slaughter in the back and Specialized Purgatory in the front—or Specialized Purgatory in the back and Specialized Eliminator in the front.

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