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Ethical Dilemma
I know I should probably stop spending money on bikes and bike parts—but I'm not sure if I can. I have three builds in the works. One is a GT Aggressor Pro, that I am rebuilding with a carbon fork and crankset as a street racer/commuter. Another is a 2017 Gunmetal GT Transeo 5.0 that I am converting into a road training bike. The third is a Shogun Street Metal BMX aluminum frame (pretty hard to find without racing profiled brake posts) that I will be going all black as a ninja transformation. This will be used mostly for local commuting and for fun alternative adventuring. But then I saw recently on Random Bike Parts they have some GT Rukus 26" dirt jumper blank frames—and I'm just—so hurting not to get one. It would make a perfect commuter for autumn with a black and orange detail; Cult Sect fork; Shimano SLX crankset; Cult of Static. At $200 though, with all the unfinished builds I still have, I'm dying not to make the reach. Thankfully they are almost gone, so if I can just hold out a little longer then I should be all clear. I'm like $450 out on my Aggressor build still—and thankfully just $60 pair of Pirelli P7 Sport 32c tires and a $20 set of tubes for the Transeo. But I'm probably another $450 out from the Shogun ninja transformation still. The frame needs sand blasted and painted. I have to build the wheels and still need to buy the spokes for that. I need to get a new fork and handlebar; tires and tubes; u-brake and lever; threaded bb conversion; and now I'm out on a crankset for it too. It's just a lot man. I know there are other places and maybe people that my money could go to better use for but who am even I to say that it's not already going to a worthy cause? Is it wrong? I hate to think that it is. I cringe. It can't be. Am I a monster? What ever may become of me—I may become nothing. Even so, if I am a monster, let it be so that I will say that I regret absolutely nothing.

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