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Cycling photos while on holiday
This is me with my (now retired) Carbon Concepts Phoenix bike which gave me many miles pleasure cycling on tours and holidays - especially up and down mountains! I have now other bikes I take with me on trips (in Europe) but my ol' Phoenix still holds some pretty special memories ... and PB's!!
Let's see your bike while on holiday too...
[Image: 2014-06-19-18.27.46.jpg]
MD @europeancyclingtours

[Image: ECT-logo-770x607px-no-bg.png]
Where was the picture taken? What is that building?
(01-07-2022, 07:40 AM)jeffg Wrote:  Where was the picture taken? What is that building?

It's Mont Ventoux in France, 1912m above sea level.
It's one of the most iconic climbs in Tour de France. I'm looking forward to climbing Mt Ventoux some time soon, hopefully in 2022 or 2023 Smile
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