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Rim brake pad upgrade
I have a new Trek 7.5 FX - a couple of months old - that came with Avid SD-3 brakes and whatever stock pads come with those brakes (and 700cc wheels). Because of the cold weather, snow, rain, etc. where I live, I haven't put too many miles on it but I'm already concerned about the amount of scoring I see on the rims.

In my wanderings around the web, I stumbled across Kool-Stop pads. The higher-end Kool-Stops consistently earn "5 star" reviews. The Tectonic is the one I think I'd like to buy, even though they're pretty pricey ... about $35 to do both front and rear. The advantage is I would only have to replace the friction inserts when they wear out (which would only cost about $9-$10), not the entire pad and holder assembly.

What has been your experience with these pads? Any other suggestions?
I have never dealt with either of them, but they sound like a good investment. When you say scoring are you meaning the rubber left behind on the wheel? If so try to use Alcohol or the Alcohol swipe pads that were suggested in another thread (by Alex and Aushiker) to wipe the excess material off.
Depending on the use of your bike in the long run you would benefit greatly.
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
I don't see any rubber left behind on the rim after a ride. Rather, I'm seeing the beginnings of small grooves in the rim itself. I know to expect the grooves to occur over time and, after enough time and miles, the grooves will probably get deep enough that the rims would have to be replaced (or so I've read somewhere). I just thought it would occur over a pretty long period. I ride almost exclusively on paved surfaces and only occasionally on packed gravel so it's not like I'm kicking a lot of abrasive material up onto the rim. And I've been trying to keep the rims and pads clean after every few rides. Even so, they make a noticeable grinding sound every time I apply them ... but the LBS said this was normal for this bike. That said, this is the first bike I've owned in 35+ years so I'm not smart enough to know. I rode the heck out of a Schwinn Varsity 10-speed in college and the brakes never made a sound ...
With times the metal get more cheaper. I see what you were saying now and apologize. As far as a softer rubber prolonging the rimn yes it would. Eventually as you said it will have to be replaced. I have seen rubber pads turn into crusty dusties from being old. Also have seen rubber become so hard it is almost like a rock (not to sure what happen). As far Kool Stops or the Tectonics sound like they would allow your rimn longer life. By the way nice bike.
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
There are some brake pads (the cheaper stuff they put on to save some costs) that are pretty tough on the rims. I upgraded my road bike to koolstop pads this autumn since the performance of the Shimano 105 road pads was, let's say, abysmal. The Koolstop pads (3 components) are ok, braking performance is much better. On my cyclocross I ride BBB Cross break pads, they are ok, except when ice starts forming on the rim (which is my problem at the moment).

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