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Help with max tire width for rim

I wanted to buy some MotoRaptors from Pricepoint and was curious if the 26x2.24 were too wide for my back rim, the stock WTB DX23. Does the "23" refer to interior width? If so, according to Sheldon Brown's site the widest tire I should have on it is 50 mm (little under 2 inches) even though this is narrower than the tires that came with the bike, 2.1 inches. But according to Schwalbe's website a tire up to 62 mm (2.44 inches) would work. What do you think the max tire width would be for this model of rim? My front rim is a replacement FX28, which I assume would work fine. The Motoraptors also come in 2.14 inch widths, but I wanted to be sure of my options.

Thanks very much,
Sheldon mentioned that the presented table was a rather conservative estimate. So: yeah, it might work...
On the question whether the "23" is the interior or the outer width of the rim: get some calipers and measure! The rim manufacturer does not tell that on the homepage... If the outer width is 23 mm, I'd probably not use 2.25" tyres.

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