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Hubless fatbike
What do you think about this?? Hubless fat tire bike ...that rear cog is massive.


That is quite the design. I am curious as to the overall weight and what gear ratio(s) it operates at. We need a better view of the drivetrain. Any brakes? I might use a dual purpose custom chainwheel/brake rotor depending on the drive.
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This is quite something.
@Jesper there is a video displaying the build process, just click on the link. There is simply no front brake, but the rear wheel has a disc brake on the idler sprocket.

From the article:
"The original rear hub, cassette and disc brake was moved to the inside of the frame. This drives the rear wheel using a second chain attached to a large ring sprocket mounted directly on the rim. The front brake was simply eliminated."
I enjoy seeing new inventions and innovations, but this one isn't for me
I would not ride this on daily basis but I applaud such a brave concept. Front brakes are gone??
I like to see people experiment. Sometimes they come up with good ideas.

With this bike, I think weight will be a problem, and the front brakes.

It might be fun to cruise around on when you only want to go slow. But if you went cycling with others, the weight would make it too slow.
No front brake = No trail

Cool design though. Definitely will have a demographic for people who are appeased by futuristic designs, and might be duped to think that maintenance on such a bike would be simpler. Man, I can't imagine not smiling ear to ear bringing this into a bike shop and asking them to check it out to see if it needs a tune up. Instant deflection. "Is there anything wrong with how it's riding?"

The picture says it all I think. It's for paved trails in metroparks. Can't imagine why the need for the fat tires though. Maybe just for comfort. Climbing hills on some of those paved trails can be rough, even with good gear ratios. Looks like you'll be walking it up on this.

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