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Tubeless users: do you still carry a flat kit?
That is, a standard flat kit (tube, CO2, levers, patches, etc.)? I know you can use a tube in a tubeless tire in an emergency, but is that something I'm going to want to do, with all the sealant still in there? Wouldn't it make more sense to carry extra CO2?
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Oh, I still do road cycling with clinchers. Usually, I'll have a spare tube with me + specialized mini pump, although sometimes, on shorter 40-60km rides, I gamble without having an emergency set.

Simply out of curiosity - which tubeless tires do you have?
Merida Scultura 5000 (2015)
Merida Big Nine 400 (2019)
a lot of people like these - https://www.notubes.com/dart - but personally I usually just carry another tube. there is a variety of different patch kits, that basically work like the ones for cars if you have ever used one.

at the very least you should carry extra CO2, and then from there, if the hole is substantial use the patch kit or a new tube.
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