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Wind Chill Effect while riding?
I am posting this as this is one of those questions one ponders while riding or elsewhere thinking. Let's say the temperature is about 5 degrees F (-15 C). The casual rider is going about 15 mph (24.1 kmh). Also the actual natural wind speed is not blowing. How cold would it really be? Would the rider feel this the same if he/she would be in a 15 mph (24.1 kmh) natural wind?

I have a general idea and answer just wanted others inputs.
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The wind chill effect would be the same. The "cause" of the wind doesn't matter. But the results are a bit different in that you are working which will warm up your body somewhat and your position is weird. (Kind of like jogging in place in a 24kmh). But your limbs (especially hands) are more exposed than they would be if you were just standing outside. You also can't tuck your head and chin in like you can when walking. So keep your hands, feet, neck extra protected. Legs will take care of themselves.

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