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Chafing on the area where buttocks and thigh join
Hi! I've always had a problem when riding a bicycle, namely, chafing on the area where buttocks and thigh join-I don't have thigh chafing at all. It doesn't matter what bike it is. I used to own multiple bikes, and it always happened. I adjusted my saddle height, but it still happens.

I cannot use cycling shorts, or butter etc, because I ride an MTB to uni/work/general commute and I want to be comfortable.

I've recently started looking at the saddle, thinking the whole thing might be an issue; most standard MTB saddles are 14.5cm wide and 25-27cm long(My current bicycle's saddle which is the saddle that came with the bike is 14.5cm wide by 25cm long). My sit-bones are 16cm apart. Should I get a wider, or narrower saddle to fix the problem?

Thanks for your responses in advance!
You should consider getting a different seat or adjusting your seat with a down tilt.
I’ve never had this problem with bike seats, but with hiking and running I usually do and will just put baby powder where I’m chaffing and that always completely fixes it
I have the same issue. It started around age 50 and I figure it has something to do with aging and the drying out of the skin, however I very well could be wrong. A simple commute of 15 miles to work and it happens. The saddle, saddle position, shorts, and every other equipment idea one can toss at it are not the solution. The solution is lube. Regular off the shelf chamois cream worked, but wares out after about 35 miles. I make my own stuff that is heavy on the wax side using beeswax and it works like a charm.
Hi there,
Yes, as someone already mentioned, Chamois cream is the answer. It's magic. I use it for any long ride. If you're looking for a less expansive solution coconut oil works really well too, just remember to keep that jar in the bathroom. You don't want to accidentally cook with it after you've been applying it to your butt!
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No thigh chafing means your saddle is doing part of the job. I think you need to get your bike fit checked. Most probably that's the cause. Make some adjustments, get some measurements taken, and see if it works.

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