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Year & Price on this Miyata 600GT
My neighbor gave me her Miyata 600GT which was in great shape, to begin with. All I had to do was replace the rim tape, install new tires and new tubes. I gave it a general tune-up to get her running, and she runs great.

I was wondering what I can get for this bike. It seems like a small, though I can't confirm it. I tried to look up the serial number, but no luck. I'd like to sell it as well; are there any specific places where bikes like these are worthy?

Hey! Was there supposed to be an image with? Then we might tell the exact year of this Miyata and take it from there.
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Henry is right, we are missing a photo of the bike. Depending on the model, year and condition, Miyata 600 GT can go for $200, $250, $300 ... I have seen one sold for nearly $500, but it had a few advanced components of good value and mint shape.

Oops! The photo must have not uploaded. Here it is:

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