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Old 10 speed freewheel
i have a 1972 puch with 700c rims and a regina 5 speed freewheel, 120mm frame spread. i also have a set of alloy 27" wheels which fit fine from dumpster inc. the 27 has a 6 speed shimano sis hg20 freewheel. it seems to be an "ultra" because it fits right in the 120mm with no force. i just had to adjust the brake pads to get the 27 to work.

question; will the shimano 6 speed freewheel fit on the 700c 5 speed wheel? and question #2; are there different cogs available for the shimano sis freewheel?
The threads for freewheels for english and italian are compatible (though slightly different). I think only french thread freewheels are different. Probably way to know for sure is to try threading it on (unless you're good at measuring threads. If it binds, stop. Most likely, it should go on the wheel fine. You might measure the width of the two freewheels to see if it really is an "ultra". I think they're pretty rare. Remember that your only talking about 6 mm difference. If it is, I think you would need to get a 7 speed chain so it is narrow enough for the ultra spaced cogs.

If it's a normal 6 speed, you would just need to make sure it has enough clearance so it doesn't rub on the inside of the frame since it will be wider than the 5 spd. Or you'd have to respace the hub and redish the wheel.

I've never heard of anyone replacing cogs on a basic Shimano freewheel, though it is technically possible. Rebuilding freewheels is usually reserved for those holding on to old classic European models. Japanese freewheels were generally considered "disposable". You might be able to buy a new 6 spd with the gear range you want if you are just trying to adjust ratios.

Just in case you hadn't come across this yet:

Or go old school and keep the Puch orignal (see: http://www.classicrendezvous.com/Austria/AD.htm)
i couldn't measure the shimano hub directly and i had to do some adding and subtracting to come up with a number. i came up with 124mm and the frame measured 121mm but no force was required to fit the wheel, more like the original hub. i think i will run it by the lbs since i have neither a tool for the regina or the shimano and hear what they have to say..
i went for a new 130mm cassette wheel and an 8 speed. i moved up from a 28 big cog to a 32 and had to go for a new rd. grand dad here and i like the the 32t grand dad gear.
If you fit htis wheel in the frame, you have to readjust the spacing http://sheldonbrown.com/frame-spacing.html or force the rear wheel in the frame. You will (most probably) also have to adjust the rear derailleur hanger in order to get the shifting to work properly, at least I still have to get around to do that... Shifting works at the moment, just the smallest gear has the tendency to skip a bit under load.
the 130 wheel goes on with little problem, so i will not bother with cold setting the frame. since i was putting a new rd on i had to set it up in any case.
Just remember, if you experience problems with the shifting performance, ask you local bike shop to check the hanger alignment. But glad to hear that the upgrade went smoothly so far!
i found a set of acera shifters with cables on ebay for short $. the next upgrade is in the "mail".

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