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Bike ride and wild camp
So after last weeks bike ride I decided it was long over due to attempt doing what I loved wild camping. So I saw a window to get out and do a camp I was back at work after quite a while off but only doing half days so come midday I headed up to the nearest decent mountain near me which Tal y fan in North Wales.
I had a problem though as my normal off road bike which a fat bike needed some work doing on it so had to use the gravel bike and worried if it was up for the task. It was a insanly hot day and I ain't no athlete as always opted to drink a six pack rather then exercise to get one. I was soon on Conwy mountain where the Heather and Gorse where in full bloom whichoffered a pretty awsome display of colour. I headed on from there to tal y fan and admittly I stuggled a fair bit due to being unhealthy and sweating about 20 mints per miniute.
But soon I was at the base of Tal y Fan and pushed on up. I planned on camping right near the summit but found a cracking spot lower down and decided that was my spot. I set up camp and relaxed and soon noticed the floor had lots of flies crawling on it. I soon discovered that these where bloody midges and the little gits soon took flight and started to eat me alive. Thankfully after a hour the wind picked up and they all buggered off as I opened a beer and relaxed. As the sun set cloud some low cloud came in which made the Llandudno town and Conwy look like it was on fire. The night went well and I was buzzing watching the stars pop out and lights come on in the town. The bizzare cloud forms was quite amazing and all to soon it was midnight and I climbed into the sleeping bag. I awoke the next day to be blessed with a see of cloud in the valleys as fog clung to the low lands it was stunning to watch and was accually hard to cycle without keep lookingh at the view. It was a great couple of days and the gravel bike did a great job.

Oh damn, those morning clouds look stunning! What was the altitude where you slept / woke up?
(08-10-2020, 01:56 PM)G_M Wrote:  Oh damn, those morning clouds look stunning! What was the altitude where you slept / woke up?

It was a pretty epic scene to wake up to. I was accually not that high it was around 550 metres
Cool shots!
How I miss overnight bike hikes. I haven't done one in a while.
(08-22-2020, 07:01 PM)hviz Wrote:  Cool shots!
How I miss overnight bike hikes. I haven't done one in a while.

They are good. I am glad i pushed on to do this one as was a very hot day but glad I did. I hope you get to do one soon

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