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Road bike tires with reflective stripes
When (if) I have to do a late evening ride, any safety feature is useful just in case. Reflectors on the jersey, LED lights & more. Do you have recommendations for 700 road tires with reflective stripes? Ineed them for fitness rides; durability is important.
I know schwalbe tires have the reflective stripe on some of their tires
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(06-14-2020, 08:02 AM)ManBearPig Wrote:  durability is important.

I'll check what I have on my regular trainer/"cross" bike; 30mm, l believe that they are KENDA. Inexpensive, so far about 500 miles/800km on urban roads, 100 miles/160km dirt trails; l ride at 90 psi/6.2 bar. No punctures (yet). Great visibility!
I also use reflective tape on my shoes and pedals (racing pedals that cannot have reflectors mounted).

Easy to pick out my reflective tires!
Take care,

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(06-14-2020, 08:02 AM)ManBearPig Wrote:  700 road tires with reflective stripes? I need them for fitness rides; durability is important.

I was mistaken, they are Specialized "ESPOIR SPORT" "Blackbelt" tires. 85-95psi/6-6.5 bar 700x30mm. They are definitely a road tire, I ride them at 90 psi on tarmac and medium packed dirt terrain, granted I am in 7th-8th gear (12 speed) at a high cadence in the dirt/grass. I have no problem doing 18mph/29kmh on the pavement. I do not remember the cost, but they have served their purpose showing very minimal wear so far.

Here is a photo of the tread pattern:


Take care,
Take care,

"I am become Death, the destroyer of bicycles." NJS
Painkiller already mentioned Schwalbe, a plus for that. Their Durano Plus definitely has reflex version; you can look at Schwalbe road tires here: https://www.schwalbe.com/en/road
I appreciate the suggestions and will look into them! Rolleyes

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