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[attachment=619]Columbus "Profil" 2 "groove" top tube, 4 "groove" down tube.
Campy Dropouts
Campy Super Record: Front/Rear derailleurs, Crankset (54/42), BB, and Headset
Campy Superleggera Pedals
Campy Record: Hubs, Seat Post (single bolt)
Campy "C" Record Brake Levers (aero set-up
Campy Cobalto Brake Calipers w/Campy sintered pads
Campy Victory Shift Levers
Campy Binder Bolt
Christophe Toes Cages and Straps
San Marco Regal Girardi Saddle (w/"scales" pattern)
Cinelli: 1R Stem, Giro d'Italia Bar
Silva Bar wrap (diamond pattern)
Regina: Extra Oro Freewheel (13,14,15,17,19,21), Oro Chain
F.i.R. Siriurs Rims (tubs)
Vittoria Tires (tubs 28"x 23 mm)
Elite Bottle Cage


Finished late last year except wheels. Purchased this bike from another member here (he knows who he is); who has also purchased and traded with myself. I made some minor changes, built new set of wheels, and more. Little bit stiffer than regular Super and Mexico frames; this is a 2nd generation frame, the first generation ('82 &'83) only had 2 grooves in the down tube. I believe this paint scheme was only used on 2nd generation Nuovo frames, different colors on different years ('84 had red and white scheme).
Ride Fast, Be Safe!
Love it! I have never seen this particular paint, very nice!
(05-28-2020, 05:42 PM)G_M Wrote:  Love it! I have never seen this particular paint, very nice!
I think that paint work may have come on their "Superissimo" model (same year '86) also, but I have not seen a close up photo to determine if it had the "non-grooved" tubing. There are many misidentifications of 80's and earlier Colnagos due to custom builds from the factory and for specific buyer's requests. I saw someone selling a "Super" "Pantografata", but without any components; the main distinctive feature of that bike from a regular "Super". You can't tell the difference because you could custom order chrome wherever you wanted, or none at all.
Ride Fast, Be Safe!

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