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The Last Dance - ESPN
The Last Dance was a great 10 episode look into the Bulls journey to the 1998 Championship. I was such a Bulls fan back then - Mostly because of Jordan. I loved how they focused largely on Jordan, but gave us insight into other players as well. There was so much I didn't know. Jordan is the GOAT in my mind. I still feel that way. But, I learned how petty Jordan was. He would shut a player down simply because they made the wrong comment or because Jerry Krause liked him. Overall I loved the series. What are your thoughts?
Justin Schultz
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In enjoyed The Last Dance a lot, it strengthened the idea of "Jordan the GOAT" in my mind. Back in the late 90's, there were not that many NBA matches on national TV in Europe. However, MJ era took it to a whole new level here, followed by Dirk and all the rest. MJ was the focal point when someone brought up basketball. I remember watching my very first match. One of the teams was Orlando with Shaq, but the other one must have been either Chicago or Toronto with their epic logo and shirts. MJ was still in the conversation, even though it might have been Magic vs Raptors. When we played streetball in early 00's, all we did was the Jordan's tongue move haha.

Unfortunately, I became (more) interested in NBA soon after Jordan had retired ... for the second time Smile Kobe and Shaq were on the rise, Fischer was somehow my favourite from that Lakers team. I did not see Jordan in his prime, which seems to have been pretty long (91-98). I loved how the series jumped on the timeline, from one year to another, and how these stories were connected. Great job there! It shows you what it takes to be the GOAT. Great insights into other team-mates as well, as @J_R_Schultz you mentioned, and rivalries. It's so crazy that MJ always came out on top. 6 finals, 6 rings.
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I personally disagree with Jordan being the G.O.A.T., there are many reasons, one big one was how he would get away with pushing off to create space for his jump shot; yes, many did the same thing, but most were called for fouling on a more regular basis. The videos do not lie. Another thing, regarding records/stats for every player; when the 3 point shot was introduced all previous records for points scored seem to have been thrown out the window. Most rules changes seem to favor the offense (often intentionally just to "increase fan interest and excitement"); which applies to most sports, basketball and "American" football being prime examples.
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